Brindabella Station

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Informations about Brindabella Station:



Brindabella, in the southern tablelands of south eastern NSW, is situated roughly in the middle of a triangle formed by Canberra, Cooma and Tumut. The Homestead is approximately 3km south of the "T" junction formed by the Canberra to Brindabella Road and the Brindabella Valley Road. Which is just on the Canberra side of the Goodradigbee River, 60km from Canberra

The Valley is surrounded by mountains up to 5000 ft high. There are approximately 8 kilometres of semi-cleared valley floor. The Goodradigbee River rises on the high plains within the Kosciusko National Park, flows through the valley before re-entering rough country again and joins the Murrumbidgee at Wee Jasper (Carey's Caves). Around the valley rim only the higher peaks are above the tree line.

3 National Parks surround Brindabella Station :

There seems to be some misconceptions about Brindabella Station and Homestead. It is a property with very significant historic, cultural, architectural and geographic interest. Brindabella is not for visitors who wish to spend all their time in Hotels and Casinos at arms length from the Australian Heritage. Brindabella Station is a working property and whilst most guests are interested in the farming activities to a greater or lesser extent there is so much more for guests to see and do (see activities page).

Visitors to Brindabella come from all walks of life... Judges, Physicists, Mathematicians, Ambassadors, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Engineers, Vet, Surgeons, Financiers, Rabbis, Archbishops, people from the word of Art and Literature and many others of all walks of life and all ages and who are that little bit more discerning than the average.


Even in summer guests are encouraged to have on hand a warm pullover or similar as evening temperatures can be quite cool. Summer daytime temperatures are generally in the mid to high 20's(°C). The valley is protected from most winds and fogs are few. In winter (June, July, August) it is not unusual to have frequent frosts. Whilst it seldom snows in the valley, the tops of the ranges around generally are snow covered for a couple of months during winter. Sensible walking shoes are a must, and be prepared for water sports from October to April. Waterproof walking boots are ideal for outside. Hats are desirable for most of the year.


Most guests drive themselves. Only in exceptional circumstances with heavy mid winter snow on the mountains is a 4-wheel drive vehicle required to get to Brindabella.